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Technology can make government more responsive, accountable and useful, whether through an email reminder about a community meeting or an app that connects you to your council rep. But first, data about your government needs to be organized into a form those tools can use. The Open Civic Data project provides completely free and open formats and tools that make this possible.

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The Open Civic Data model covers: people, organizations, events, bills and votes

Connect Your Data

Your project can add itself to the universe of Open Civic Data today by adopting the OCD-ID standard. OCD-IDs are a flexible, universal way of referring to political geography—divisions like states, counties and congressional districts. Learn more about how to use them.

Get the Data

As more of our partners' OCD-enabled datasets come online, we'll feature them here. But you can count on to collect all of the license-free OCD data we can find.

in an API

Information on the elected officials and legislative activities of local governments in the U.S., plus GIS data. Covers all information collected by contributors and available as a JSON API.

API documentation

as a bulk download

Get the same data that the API provides in a JSON format. The bulk download is a good option for researchers or for testing purposes.

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We can't do this by ourselves! Whether you're a public official, concerned citizen or software developer, you can help bring your government closer to the people it works for. Contributing data to ensures it will be available to anyone who uses the OCD model.

as a developer

Be part of a collaborative effort to provide tools for gathering information on local government. Write a scraper, submit a pull request and more.

Learn more about contributing

as a non-developer

Your help is needed with manual data collection and curation. This includes researching local government bodies (e.g., town councils) and entering contact information.

Learn more about how to get involved

as a government

Local government can adopt common data formats for the information they collect, publish and use. By providing this data online in a free, open format maximizes what we all can gain from our government and communities.

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