Bringing Your Hometown Online

Open Civic Data provides a common way to describe information about people, organizations, events and bills at multiple levels of government. Using Open Civic Data makes it is easier for governments to share data and for people to engage with their governments. Open Civic Data also provides guidance on how to publish all of this information so it can be shared across city, county and state jurisdictions. Adoption of Open Civic Data can:

  • Make content about local governments easier to find.

  • Provide a clear path for archiving and relating data across years.

  • Help governments make their data more open to citizens and developers alike.

  • Increase data portability across cities, counties and states.

Want to learn more? Read a detailed description of Open Civic Data.


Whether you're a public official, concerned citizen or software developer, you can help bring your government closer to the people it works for.


Join our Google Group and keep with the development.


Contribute your hometown's data using our online tool.


Write a scraper for a large city.

Get the Data

As more of our partners' OCD-enabled datasets come online, we'll feature them here. But you can count on to collect all of the license-free OCD data we can find.

From our API

Information on the elected officials and legislative activities of local governments in the U.S., plus GIS data. Covers all information collected by contributors and available as a JSON API.

As a bulk download

Get the same data that the API provides in a JSON format. The bulk download is a good option for researchers or for testing purposes.